Morning Links: Dust-Up Edition

Wynn. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Wynn. (Courtesy Getty Images)

“Loeb Gets ISS Support for 2 Board Seats” [Art Market Monitor]

Here’s more on that dust-up between Steve Wynn and George Clooney, which started, you’ll recall, because of how much Steve Wynn hates President Obama. [Page Six]

Here’s another Kim Gordon profile. [The Daily Beast]

The U.K. is attempting to crack down on auction rings that dealers use to inflate or depress prices. [The Art Newspaper]

Antiquity smuggling is hot in Crimea; will Russia put a stop to the “black archaeologists?” [The Art Newspaper]

Paris Photo and FIAC do a scheduling dance. [NYT]

“Andy Warhol’s Amiga computer art found 30 years later” [The Verge] Morning Links: Dust-Up Edition