Morning Links: Forgery Edition


Antonio Pollaiuolo, "Battle of Naked Men," 1465. (Courtesy Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Antonio Pollaiuolo, “Battle of Naked Men,” 1465. (Courtesy Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Knoedler forgery lawsuit names art historian Oliver Wick as defendant. [NYT]

Artists from around the world come out in support of Ukraine. [The Art Newspaper]

Two stolen paintings–by Paul Gauguin and Pierre Bonnard–hung in an Italian factory worker’s kitchen for nearly 40 years. [The Guardian]

“Yet there has been no sequel to the work of the Monuments Men.” [WSJ]

 Marshall Heyman hits the New Museum gala. [WSJ]

Op Art sculptor Mon Levinson has died. [NYT]

“An Italian worker with great taste in art bought two canvases he liked without knowing much about the works at lost-property auction. He held on to the paintings for 40 years out of sheer love and attachment only to discover quite recently that the paintings were buy Gauguin and Bonnard” [Art Market Monitor aggregating BBC]

Morning Links: Forgery Edition