Morning Media Mix: Drop The PolicyMic



PolicyMic homepage

PolicyMic, a website that explains and analyzes news for millennials, got $10 million cash infusion. (CNN)

NYU will create an award for literary reporting in memory of Matthew Power, a well-respected journalist who died last month while on assignment in Uganda. (Poynter)

Disney wanted to buy BuzzFeed, but not enough to pay upwards of a billion dollars. (Fortune)

MSNBC’s ratings are down because, apparently, cable viewers would rather watch news of the disappearance Malaysian plane in minute detail than anything else. (The New York Times)

Politico media reporter Dylan Byers is moving to LA, but, as he told sister site Capital via Instant message, he’ll do the same thing he does now from DC. But maybe he’ll be more chill about it. (Capital New York)

Capital also reports that Alex Pareene is leaving Salon for Matt Taibbi’s still unnamed, Pierre Omidyar-backed website. (Capital New York)


Morning Media Mix: Drop The PolicyMic