Morning Media Mix: The Upshot’s Up

The Upshot

A screenshot of The Upshot

The New York Times’s The Upshot, the new site that explains the news using data, fancy graphics and a conversational tone run by David Leonhardt, went live this morning. Guess this is what Jill Abramson meant when she said that the Times is always the prettiest girl at the party during negotiations with Nate Silver. (The Upshot/The New York Times)

Felix Salmon is leaving Reuters “to do exciting things on the Internet,” but he hasn’t said what yet. (The New York Times)

Jenni Avins, a contributing editor at The Cut and recent rescuer of J. Crew’s achieved one-piece bathing suit, is going to Quartz as a lifestyle reporter. Nikhil Sonnad, another new hire, will be a reporter on the Things team. The Atlantic Media business site is staffing up, so stay tuned. (email)

Vogue is expanding its website by hiring and bringing some staffers over from the print side. will be unveiled in September, during Fashion Week. (WWD)

Aaron Sorkin is sorry for The Newsroom. (BuzzFeed)


Morning Media Mix: The Upshot’s Up