Morning Politics: ‘A Fraught Moment’

Today's New York Post.

Today’s New York Post.

Headline of the Day: “Groups Give Different Accounts After Horse Carriage Falls Over Outside Central Park.”

The New York Post reports that Mayor Bill de Blasio “is negotiating a sweetheart deal with horse- carriage owners that would give them recession-proof yellow taxi medallions worth about $1 million each to compensate them for a ban on their business.”

The Daily News continued its own crusade on the issue, running an editorial–“Bill at the trough”–linking Mr. de Blasio’s campaign contributions to his advocacy, and an op-ed–“Blaz’s unprogressive horse crusade: Why is he going after law-abiding small businesses?”–questioning the mayor’s ideological stance.

Capital New York profiled Comptroller Scott Stringer‘s relationship with the de Blasio administration, finding Mr. Stringer to be “if not a problem for the new mayor, at least a modest outlier among the almost uniformly deferential occupants of city leadership roles.” “The Comptroller has worked closely with the Mayor to implement his ambitious agenda to lift up our city,” a Stringer spokesman said.

“Mayor de Blasio and Comptroller Stringer remain close partners in serving New Yorkers, improving accountability across government agencies and … city services,” a de Blasio spokeswoman similarly told Capital. “The comptroller’s role is instrumental in rooting out inefficiencies and keep the city’s purse strings in check, and we appreciate Mr. Stringer’s commitment to these efforts.”

On NY1’s Inside City Hall, Mr. Stringer also explained his endorsement of State Senator Adriano Espaillat‘s campaign against Congressman Charlie Rangel. After heaping praise on Mr. Rangel and a third candidate, Pastor Mike Walrond, Mr. Stringer added, “But for me, I want the congress member who’s right for this moment in time.”

The Rangel campaign blasted out a New York Post article this morning with the subject line “20 Year-Albany Fixture Adriano Espaillat Attacks Bill AND Hillary Clinton As ‘Not On The Side Of Change.'” “The state senator said ‘the Clintons’ couldn’t save Rangel, who is … seeking his 23rd term. In fact, Hillary Clinton hasn’t made an endorsement in the race,” the article reads.

The New York Times profiled the relationship between Mr. de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo at a Hurricane Sandy-related event in Albany yesterday: “But the threat, real or imagined, of conflict between the two men also hung over the proceedings, including a fraught moment in the afternoon when Mr. Cuomo called a news conference just minutes before Mr. de Blasio had planned his own.”

Morning Politics: ‘A Fraught Moment’