Morning Politics: ‘City Council Members Are Skittish’

Today's Daily News.

Today’s Daily News.

Headline of the Day: “Senate candidate suspends Twitter account: ‘It was never my intention to offend anybody.'”

The Nation reviewed Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s first 100 days in office. “The good news is that city government is controlled by a progressive mayor who is actually sticking to many of his campaign promises,” the publication writes. “Privately, people on the left who have dealt with the administration describe a level of disorganization more typical of campaigns than governments.”

The New York Post detailed Mr. de Blasio’s difficulties finding a new communication’s director. Among those described as having turned down the $200,000 gig: Salon’s politics editor Blake Zeff, as well as former and current top aides to Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. “Sources said that top mayoral aides aren’t happy with press coverage of the administration,” the paper noted.

“Getting the right talent and the right fit is essential,” press secretary Phil Walzak told the Daily News for its own story on the job hunt. “The mayor’s office is continuing a thorough search for the communications director position, and we are confident the final selection will augment an already strong communications team at City Hall.”

Later today Mr. de Blasio will unveil the specifics of his plan to overhaul Hurricane Sandy rebuilding policies. According to the Staten Island Advance, he will “announce an expansion of the city and state acquisition for redevelopment program to interested priority-two and -three homeowners, among other initiatives, at an event on Staten Island.”

At a Midtown event last night, Mr. de Blasio praised unionization efforts for car wash workers, NY1 reports. “It will be my honor to fight shoulder to shoulder with you,” he said. RWDSU President Stu Appelbaum praised the mayor in turn, declaring, “Our mayor is not just the leader of our city, but the leader of a movement.”

The New York Post gave a nod to its tabloid rival in another editorial opposing Mr. de Blasio’s horse-drawn carriage ban. “City Council members are skittish. And local newspapers — besides The Post — are stepping up their calls for City Hall to reconsider,” the Post editorialized. “(We’re certainly delighted to have allies.)”

In another front-page story on the carriages, the Daily News reports: “The Central Park Conservancy, the nonprofit organization that manages the city’s most famous greenspace, is coming out against a proposal backed by Mayor de Blasio to replace the horse-drawn carriages with replica old-time cars … Through a spokesman, de Blasio dismissed the conservancy’s concerns.”

Meanwhile, Politico critiqued The New York Times editorial board for not disclosing its own ties to carriage horses. “We’ve long been puzzled by the unusual position The Times has taken on this important issue, and now we’re left to wonder,” said Allie Feldman, the executive director of NYCLASS. The Times strongly rejected the story’s premise.

And Ceceilia Berkowitz, a self-described “Social Media Journalist” who ran a long-shot campaign mayor last year–mostly on Twitter, frequently claiming then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg was her close friend–has been “hauled off to Bellevue on Wednesday after showing up at the ex-mayor’s office and acting irrationally,” the Daily News reports. Morning Politics: ‘City Council Members Are Skittish’