On the Market: Squatters Take Over Fraudster’s House and One Bedrooms Are Expensive Everywhere



Poetic justice? The Howard Beach home of a man who went to prison for mortgage fraud has been overrun by squatters, according to the New York Post.

Harder to figure out: what’s just for the community in a stadium deal? Crain’s talks to Bronx borough president Ruben Diaz Jr., who remains unconvinced that the Yankees’ plan to build a soccer stadium next to Yankee Stadium would be a good deal for the Bronx. But he would like to be convinced: “I think we can get to a place where folks understand the economic benefits of the stadium. But those benefits have to be real and be felt.”

Mayor de Blasio thinks regional planning is a good idea, according to Capital NY, which would not be particularly notable were it not for the fact that New York’s and New Jersey’s governors are not such big fans: Chris Christie recently proposed dismantling the Port Authority and Andrew Cuomo doesn’t seem to think it’s such a bad idea.

One thing Cuomo isn’t keen to waste his political capital pushing for: scaffold law reform, Crain’s reports. The governor, probably wisely, feels that changing the 129-year-old law, which holds contractors and property owners wholly responsible for any gravity-related accident, is not a priority.

Beast, a Prospect Heights bar and tapas place, is closing after a decade, according to DNAinfo. But it’s not due to a rent increase! It’s just that the owner got kind of tired of running a restaurant and wants a break to go take a road trip with her dog.

We assume that the establishment which takes its place will probably be pretty swanky, given that the going rate for a Prospect Heights one bedroom is now $2,295, according to Curbed. If you’re in the market for something under $2K a month, you should try Crown Heights or Bed-Stuy ($1,450 or $1,750 respectively).

The Q103 bus, which connects Astoria and Long Island City to the waterfront, will soon start running on the weekends, DNAinfo reports. The bus service currently only runs on the weekdays; the additional service will be experimental and begins in June. On the Market: Squatters Take Over Fraudster’s House and One Bedrooms Are Expensive Everywhere