#PesachProblems: Jews Are Live-Tweeting Their Passover Seders

Just what Moses always wanted!

We feel ya (Screengrab: Twitter)

We feel ya (Screengrab: Twitter)

There was a time when Passover meant putting down our iPhones and celebrating our ancient Jewish heritage over Bubbie’s classic matzah balls.

But it’s 2014, and technology has started making a comeback at the Seder table. JDate made dating profiles for Moses and the Pharaoh. The famed Bronfman Haggadah debuted in app form. So it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that hordes of Twitterers are using #SederUpdates to live-tweet their Passover dinners.

Thank heavens our people escaped from Egypt so we could one day send out tweets like these.

Matzah makes us gassy, too:

The Jewish people’s enslavement in Egypt was nothing compared to this guy’s problems:

This guy might be doing the Passover thing wrong:


Uh oh:

We’re riveted — please tell us more:

A classic Passover mishap:

Sounds pretty much like our Seder last night:

Bummed you didn’t catch all the live Passover updates last night? You’re in luck — there’s another Seder tonight. #PesachProblems: Jews Are Live-Tweeting Their Passover Seders