Supernatural Allegories to ‘Otherness’ on ‘True Blood,’ Ranked By Heavy-Handedness

We’re going from least ham-fisted to most. In no means comprehensive, because wow. This show. Final season on June 22nd, everybody!

5. Were-cougars as Appalachian meth-heads

So esoteric it’s not actually offensive.

4. Supernatural cults as metaphor for real cults

You know that Manson would have traded places with Maryann Forester in a second. Until she was speared by Sam shifting as a minotaur. Also the witches. And werewolf trucker gangs. Fairies. Shape-shifters (though they were more of a nudist colony). Just…all of it.

4 b. Religion as cult
Vampire gods. The Newlins. That Iraqi smoke monster, maybe.

3. Vampire rights = Civil rights [youtube]
Woo-buddy! Who can keep all the Vampire legislation straight these days?

2. Vampires as gays
The first couple times you caught the “God Hates Fangs” in the opening credits, it was almost subtle in its wink to the Jerry Falwells (or Reverend Newlins) of Bon Temps. But then came the “coming out of the coffin” puns and it was just a bridge too far.

1. Hepatitis D and V as metaphor for a “feared minority, homosexual” disease that’s “not AIDS.” (Thanks, Alan Ball.) [youtube] So we go into the final season of the show, which will hopefully end True Blood‘s legacy with everyone holding hands in a rousing rendition of Seasons of Love (Finale). Supernatural Allegories to ‘Otherness’ on ‘True Blood,’ Ranked By Heavy-Handedness