‘The Daily Show’ Does Assemblyman Bill Scarborough

Last night's Daily Show.

Last night’s Daily Show.

In a new segment last night, The Daily Show took aim at Queens Assemblyman Bill Scarborough, who up until an FBI raid revealed a federal investigation into his official conduct last week, was not a widely-known political figure.

Host Jon Stewart began by playing a clip of an anchor announcing the news. “Assemblyman William Scarborough confirms that agents raided his home, his offices and a hotel room he uses and left with boxes marked ‘evidence,'” said the anchor.

“They raided a hotel room ‘he uses’? That’s a bit of a tell crime-wise,” the comedian offered.

“Secondly, they walked out with boxes labeled evidence? Why did this man keep his stuff in boxes labeled ‘evidence’? That is just daring the police!” Mr. Stewart continued.

View the full segment below:

‘The Daily Show’ Does Assemblyman Bill Scarborough