The New Yorker on Christie at the Byrne Roast

The New Yorker offers its take on Brendan Byrne’s birthday roast last week, inevitably bleeding into Gov. Chris Christie’s Bridgegate.

The story zeroes in on former Gov. Tom Kean, whose family ran afoul of the governor last year when Christie attempted to unseat Minority Leader Ton Kean, Jr. (R-21).

The elder Kean sat on the dais last week at the roast.

From The New Yorker piece: “The scandal hinted at a darker story line: that Christie’s barrelling style, and the dealmaking that had secured his rise through New Jersey politics, might as easily undo him. …Recently, [former] Governor [Tom] Kean, during a long interview in his office, in Far Hills, New Jersey…told me that he has reconsidered his support of Christie. Kean is now seventy-eight years old; he served from 1982 to 1990 and is a revered figure in state politics. … ‘He doesn’t always try to persuade you with reason,’ Kean said. ‘He makes you feel that your life’s going to be very unhappy if you don’t do what he says.'”

Take a look at the piece here.

The New Yorker on Christie at the Byrne Roast