The Stackification of Paterson?

Looking into Passaic County from Hudson, two sources close to Hudson politics grudgingly acknowledged fascination with the Paterson mayor’s race and found at least one comparison.

“If Andre Sayegh wins, he will have to be popular with Hispanics to win re-election, and that means he will have to outwork everyone, which means he’s going to have to become the next Brian Stack,” said one of the sources.

An Arab American, Sayegh is trying to win the May 13th election in a majority Latino city, which prompts the invocation of Stack, who built a political machine to protect himself in majority Latino Union City.

There’s a May election in Union City, too, incidentally.

But no one’s paying attention because no one believes that Stack – who last year backed the re-election of Republican Gov. Chris Christie – can be credibly challenged in the town he runs.

The other source drew a line between Sayegh – if he wins – and former Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler, who ran and won without a majority, which insiders foresee for the winner of the eight-contestant Paterson mayor’s race. The Stackification of Paterson?