Trenton mayor’s race: Worthy campaign funds surge according to filed ELEC report

Trenton mayoral candidate Walker M. Worthy, Jr. raised more than $75,000 during the most recent fundraising period, boosting his total campaign contributions to date to close to $110,000, according to a written statement issued by his campaign.

The uptick in Worthy’s fundraising efforts have left him with more than $42,000 cash on hand with less than four weeks to go before the May 13 Trenton mayoral election. Worthy is competing against several other notable candidates in the Trenton mayoral race, including Eric Jackson, director of the Department of Public Works and Urban Development in Plainfield and the former Trenton Public Works director, and former Trenton Police Director Jim Golden. 

The election will be the first municipal election to take place in Trenton since the conviction and subsequent removal of former Mayor Tony Mack after he was found guilty of federal bribery and extortion charges in March. 

Worthy’s reported fundraising surge was demonstrated in the 29-day pre-election report filed this week with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC). More than half of the total donations to the Worthy campaign have been from individuals who contributed $300 or less, the campaign claims. 

“I am gratified by the tremendous support we are receiving from donors and residents of Trenton,” Worthy said in a written statement. “As we go door-to-door, all across the city, we are listening to voters who are fed up with the old ways of doing business and eager for the positive change a Worthy administration will bring. We have heard the people and the people are supporting my candidacy for the simple fact that I will bring honesty and competence to City Hall.” 

Trenton mayor’s race: Worthy campaign funds surge according to filed ELEC report