Vocal Christie critic optimistic on governor’s pig gestation comments

The author of a bill aimed at banning pig gestation crates and who’s an often outspoken critic of Gov. Chris Christie says he’s “absolutely encouraged” about the governor’s recent statements on the proposal.

Sen. Ray Lesniak (D-20) is promising his pig gestation bill that Christie vetoed last session will again land on the governor’s desk and says he’s “glad to see [Christie] seems to have an open mind” the second legislation.

“It would have been just as easy for this governor to say ‘no way, it’s dead on arrival’ like he did with legalized marijuana,” Lesniak said. “I think it’s encouraging and I’m looking forward to moving the bill forward.”

Lesniak responded to Christie’s comments at a Thursday town hall in which the governor was asked by a resident if he would reconsider his veto of the bill.

“What I know about pig gestation and the crates I learned when the bill came before me last time,” Christie said at the Sayreville town hall. “If the bill comes back, I will certainly consider any additional evidence that people want to put in front of me.”

Christie said at the time that farmers made a more persuasive argument than animal cruelty activists.

“It’s good news,” Lesniak said.

Lesniak blasted Christie last year for rejecting the bill and implied the veto was an attempt to pander to Iowa voters (Martha Stewart even weighed in). Vocal Christie critic optimistic on governor’s pig gestation comments