Winners and Losers


Bill Stepien

An assignment judge ruled this week that Chris Christie’s campaign manager doesn’t have to appear before the New Jersey Select Committee on Investigations.

Bridget Kelly

The same judge ruled that Christie’s former deputy chief of staff doesn’t have to appear before the SCI.

Janice Kovach

When the CD7 Democrat, Mayor of Clinton Town, challenged the Secretary of State’s Office technical ruling on her candidacy based on how Kovach’s team collected petition signatures, an assignment judge this week restored Kovach to the ballot.

Shawn Boburg

The heads-up Bergen Record reporter today collected his first place Polk Award for his early stories reporting on the lane closures at the George Washington Bridge.

Eric Jackson

The day after Trenton Mayoral candidate Jackson unveiled comprehensive plan to fight crime in the capitol city, the New Jersey Law Enforcement Supervisors Association endorsed him. “By laying out a serious, comprehensive plan to address the crime epidemic plaguing Trenton, Eric Jackson has shown himself to be the kind of leader Trenton needs,” said NJLESA President Eric Holliday. “While others speak in generalities about the need to get illegal guns off the street and criminals behind bars, Eric has rolled out a specific, metrics-based plan to make Trenton a safer city.”

Lou Manzo

After beating federal extortion charges, the former Assemblyman/Jersey City Mayoral candidate this week published the exhaustively researched “Ruthless Ambition,” his takedown of former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie.

Tony Vauss

The Irvington mayoral candidate had a well-attended rally that featured a big cross-section of Essex County Democratic Party backers who lined up behind the School Board President intent on taking down incumbent Mayor Wayne Smith.

John Currie

A more than 300-person turnout at the New Jersey Democratic State Committee’s annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner at the Heldrich Hotel in New Brunswick on Thursday night was a sign of strong support for the party chairman. 


Richard Constable

The state’s Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Director did not impress the Assembly Budget Committee with an appearance short on details and transparency as he tried to explain the administration’s clean-up response to Hurricane Sandy.

Linda Greenstein

The CD12 candidate has to absorb the news today that Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula (D-17) today launches his first televised campaign ad of the season, essentially kick-starting what amounts to a very animated spoiler effort by Chivukula in the Democratic Primary.

Jimmy Davis

The mayoral candidate in Bayonne absorbed another round of television ads paid for incumbent Mayor Mark Smith, doubling down on Davis’ longtime absence from the city and now his failure to vote in elections for 20 years.

Shareef Nash

The former Shavar Jeffries campaign worker this week became the second man arrested in connection with the Ras Baraka campaign bus (pictured above) burning earlier this year.

Jim Golden

The New Jersey Law Enforcement Supervisors Association this week backed Golden’s rival in the Trenton Mayor’s race, a slap at the city’s former police director.

Kathleen Sibelius

Following a much criticized rollout of the of the website, the Obama Administration’s Health and Human Services Secretary resigned this week amid damaging stories about how she may have hurt the president’s legacy. Winners and Losers