Wisniewski ‘frustrated’ over Mastro report interview notes

TRENTON – Thanks, but no thanks.

A state lawmaker helping to lead the charge into investigating the Gov. Chris Christie administration over the George Washington Bridge lane closings say he’s “frustrated” with the documents the legislative committee recently received from the law firm hired by the administration to conduct an internal review of the controversy.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-19) said while it appears Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher complied with the joint legislative investigatory committee’s demand to handover interview notes related to the so-called Mastro report, the documents will do little to further the committee’s investigation.

“In the sense that we wanted to obtain from Gibson-Dunn the record of the interviews, yeah, what we asked for is what we got,” Wisniewski said. “As to their value? Well, the frustration for us is that they are essentially hearsay.”

The documents released by the law firm do no contain recordings, Wisniewski said, arguing the notes from lawyers commissioned by the administration to conduct the review do not provide committee members with a full insight into the review.

“We’re forced to except the recollection of whoever wrote the memo,” he said. “Even in the kindness interpretation, that is a filter through which we are being asked to accept that record.”

Last month, Wisniewski criticized the internal review for its “gratuitous” references and said the report read “more like a novel than a work of fact.”

Now, the co-chairperson of the committee investigating the administration says the release of the additional documents does little to quell the dissatisfaction.

“There’s still a sense of frustration,” he said. “The Gibson report is being represented by some as the final word … based on the record created by lawyers hired by the governor who are filtering the information.” Wisniewski ‘frustrated’ over Mastro report interview notes