A Little Garden at Booth B27

Ariel Reichman Garden installation at Pam Berlin's booth. (Photo by the Observer)

Ariel Reichman Garden installation at Pam Berlin’s booth. (Photo by the Observer)

Don’t call it a trend, but there’s a nice little boomlet happening in plant-related art in New York at the moment. At the New Museum, French artist Camille Henrot has just installed more than 40 ikebana sculptures, and right in the middle of Frieze New York there is, no joke, a quaint garden, in booth B27, which belongs to Berlin’s PSM gallery.

The modest plot of land is the work of Israeli artist Ariel Reichman, who was on hand yesterday and told us a bit about it.

“At first when you see it you might think it’s just a beautiful garden, but then you start to see the layers,” Mr. Reichman said. “It’s many things, but the core of the research for the installation has to do with military graveyards, and parent’s gardens, mother’s gardens over the graves. Parents come almost every week to tend them.” His dealers will care for this one through Monday at the fair, and then, perhaps, a new owner will take up the task.

A Little Garden at Booth B27