Bill de Blasio Still Respects Alec Baldwin After Star’s Arrest

Alec Baldwin. (Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment)
Alec Baldwin. (Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment) Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment

Maybe Alec Baldwin should peddle in the direction of Gracie Mansion.

Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters today that he still respects the fiery actor, even after Mr. Baldwin was arrested yesterday for biking the wrong way in Manhattan and clashing with police.

“I think it’s unfortunate. I’ve been asked about him many times and I’ve said consistently, I respect him,” Mr. de Blasio told reporters at an unrelated press conference in Brooklyn when asked about Mr. Baldwin. “I think he has said some important and thoughtful things about this city over the years but this is an unfortunate situation and, you know, I think it’s self-evident what happened and now we move on.”

Mr. Baldwin reportedly became belligerent with police yesterday and was taken into custody for the oft-ignored bike crime. He later lashed out on Twitter, declaring Mr. de Blasio’s New York City “a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign.”

It was not the first blow-up for the “30 Rock” star, who has also clashed with paparazzi and been booted off an airplane.

Mr. de Blasio, who once appeared on Mr. Baldwin’s short-lived talk show, has sometimes tried to distance himself from the actor, who was one of the most prominent supporters of his mayoral bid. In November, Mr. de Blasio said Mr. Baldwin’s alleged anti-gay slurs were “sad” and insisted the actor deserved to lose the late-night show, which had aired on MSNBC.

“I think, you know, he’s someone who is very intelligent and on many issues has said important things,” Mr. de Blasio said at the time. “But in this case, what he said was just plain inappropriate.” Bill de Blasio Still Respects Alec Baldwin After Star’s Arrest