Billy Jones and Zachary Mexico

The Bookers

Bill Jones (Razberry Photography)
Bill Jones (Razberry Photography)

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It’s easy to declare Williamsburg creatively over, but you’d be only partly right. Messrs. Jones and Mexico, the owners and bookers at new Williamsburg venue Baby’s All Right, aren’t giving up. They host famous weirdos, like Macaulay Culkin’s pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band Pizza Underground, alongside locally heralded acts like Prince Rama and Woods. If the former bookers at Pianos are still willing to bet on Williamsburg, maybe we should, too.


The Post-Punk Revivalists
The National

The Imitated
Grizzly Bear

The Scene Makers
The So So Glos

The Hip-Hop Linchpin
Wes Jackson

The Bookers
Billy Jones, Zachary Mexico

The Royal She

The Truth Teller
Angel Haze

The Indie Promoter
Todd Patrick

The Glamorizer
Peter Shapiro

The Annotators 
Tom Lehman, Mahbod ‘Maboo’ Moghadam, Ilan Zechory

The Afropunks
Matthew Morgan, Jocelyn Cooper


Billy Jones and Zachary Mexico