Brooklyn Borough President Boasts Booze at Borough Hall Bash

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams today.
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams today.

Alcohol is usually prohibited in court rooms. But if Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams joins in the festivities, there’s nothing wrong with little Borough Hall boozing.

Mr. Adams and a host of local celebrities played the role of jurors at the “Verdict of Brooklyn,” a wine and beer tasting event inside Brooklyn Borough Hall’s courtroom this afternoon. A celebration of local food and drink, the event featured offerings from Brooklyn-based restaurants, as well as 32 wines and 16 beers from Brooklyn distilleries and breweries.

Armed with clipboards and pencils, Mr. Adams and his fellow panelists embarked on a blind taste test in search of the borough’s best.

“Brooklyn is very hot, there’s no other way to say it,” Mr. Adams said before kicking off the judging. “We have an exciting way to really appreciate the wines and spirits of the borough Brooklyn. I’m excited about having things like this in Borough Hall, that’s open to all those who want to appreciate the beauty of this great borough, and so we should not have any reason to talk, because our mouths should be filled with beer and wine.”

Deputy Borough President Diana Reyna.

Some taste-testers, including Deputy Borough President Diana Reyna, were consummate professionals, swishing their samples and spitting their tasted wine like expert sommeliers. “It’s such a shame,” Ms. Reyna joked, pouring out one glass of leftovers.

But Mr. Adams was content to bend the rules. “I know I’m supposed to spit it out, but this tastes too good,” he said after his first swig. He was also seen brushing off a woman trying to discuss a local building issue during his taste-test.

Results of the tasting will not be available until May 17, after a consumer taste-test. But the food vendors in attendance hoped for more immediate benefits from the event.

“It’s great publicity,” said Mark Fahrer, who helps run Bed-Stuy’s new Dekalb Restaurant with his son Stefan. “We opened two months ago, but got our liquor license two weeks ago. So really we opened two weeks ago.”

Chef Shana Silas, of pop-up burger stand Between The Buns also relished the spotlight in Borough Hall. “Because we don’t have a brick-and-mortar location, it’s a great publicity opportunity,” she said. Brooklyn Borough President Boasts Booze at Borough Hall Bash