CD3: What’s with the direct mail?

First the Lonegan Campaign sends a mailer with the wrong house on it, and now Team MacArthur apparently sends a mailer with no disclaimer.

What’s with the direct mail firms, guys?

A Bayville resident this week filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) against the Tom MacArthur for Congress Campaign in the 3rd District over a brochure that lacks a disclaimer.

Federal regs require a public communication to clearly display its paid origin.

“Thank you in advance for your consideration of this complaint,” wrote Connie J. Sherwood. “Please investigate it and fine Tom MacArthur for Congress, Inc., Ronald Gravino, Treasurer, for its clear violation of the disclaimer requirement of federal law.”

MacArthur’s in a Republican Primary with movement conservative Steve Lonegan, and the complaint comes in the aftermath of the MacArthur Campaign jeering over a Lonegan mailer that misidentified an Ocean County edifice as “MacArthur’s mansion.” CD3: What’s with the direct mail?