DeGise’s 1997 Jersey City parallel for Bayonne

Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise says he sees the Bayonne mayoral runoff playing out the way Jersey City did in 1997.

Bret Schundler was running for re-election and just barely managed to scrape past challenger Jerry Healy. 

After a judge ruled in favor of allowing Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck votes to count toward the overall total, Schundler failed to attain 50% plus one and stumbled into the runoff against a charged-up Healy.

But Schundler found his traction in the head-to-head matchup with his rival and convincingly won, which Mark Smith will do over the course of the next three weeks, DeGise argued.

Other insiders dotting the turfscape at the county executive’s press conference earlier today in Union City strongly disagreed, arguing that Smith lost the initiative when he failed to finish challenger Jimmy Davis on May 13th.

DeGise’s 1997 Jersey City parallel for Bayonne