Facebook Adds Shazam-Like Function So You Can Display Your Incredibly Basic Taste in Media

"I like the song playing in Starbucks right now. I'd better let all my friends know."

Zuck listening to the Black-Eyed Peas' "I Got a Feeling." (Photo: In the Capital)
Zuck listening to the Black-Eyed Peas’ “I Got a Feeling.” (Photo: In the Capital)

Thanks, Facebook, for incorporating another feature that’s already been available in app form for years.

The social network that brought you the “ask” button so creeps can inquire about the relationship status or phone number you’ve purposely been keeping private will soon allow you to detect songs, movies and TV shows in order to share what you’re listening to and watching with 800 of your closest friends.

After you opt-in and use your phone’s microphone to identify a song, show or movie, the mobile app will allow you to effortlessly insert the information into a status post.

When you decide to share your results, TV shows will display only the program name and episode number while songs will also include a 30-second preview linked to Spotify, Deezer or Rdio. The app is able to recognize millions of songs and programs from 160 TV stations.

Does anyone else think this sounds like Shazam and GetGlue got together and had a bigger, more media-hungry baby?

Facebook has been developing the feature for the past year. They thought we’d like this since the “feelings and activities” option has been so popular, Endgadget reports.

If they mean popular in terms of how many people love to post about how #blessed they’re feeling, then sure. But we’re pretty sure nobody likes reading that stuff.  After all, it’s always about the most basic things.  Nobody announces that they’re listening to the Pixies.

“We’ve seen over 5 billion feelings and activities posted just in the past year,” Aryeh Selekman, a product manager at Facebook, told Engadget. “We just wanted to make it faster and easier to do.”

And of course the new feature isn’t just for showing your friends how impeccable your taste is while you rock out to the new Katy Perry song (a.k.a. your jam) for the 10th time today. It will probably also be used to target ads in the future, Facebook told Endgadget.

So who is going to break it to Facebook that a) this technology already exists and b) we’d rather not have to read about it every time someone is on a Game of Thrones binge. Facebook Adds Shazam-Like Function So You Can Display Your Incredibly Basic Taste in Media