Ferrets to Weasel Their Way Back Into New York

They're baaaack...


Looking for love.

It looks like former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s ferret freak out was for naught.

The Board of Health and Mayor Bill de Blasio are seriously considering abolishing New York City’s ferret ban this coming September.

Since 1999, when the ferret ban was instituted, there has been a hole in the heart of the city’s rodent activists. Specifically David Guthartz, who was once told by Rudy Giuliani to “go consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist… [over] how you are devoting your life to weasels.”

Now, in light of new vaccine and health developments, the ferret aficionados of New York Ferret’s Rights Advocacy (yes, that’s a real thing) can rejoice.

City health officials noted in an internal memo that “evidence shows ferrets do not bite more frequently or severely than other pets the same size,” however “there may be injuries, especially to infants,” reports The New York Times.

Make no mistake though, this will not be a ferret free-for-all. Ferret owners will most likely be compelled to spay and vaccinate their furry friends, as well as remove their foul-smelling anal glands, according to the Times.

But nobody said it better than Mr. Giuliani: “This excessive concern with weasels is a sickness!”

Ferret issues aside, how could you not want these little guys scampering around your home?


Ferrets to Weasel Their Way Back Into New York