Lady Killer: Drug Dealer Murders Rival While Wearing a Dress

Rapper Da Riggs caught in the cross-fire

May the best dressed live.
May the best dressed live. (Flickr)

This skirted chaser thought he could get away with murder.

Drug ring lynchpin Saquan Wallace killed a rival trafficker while dressed as a woman at a loud party in Brooklyn’s Wyckoff Gardens housing project.

“I put on a wig, lipstick, makeup, and I went looking for him,” Mr. Wallace detailed in Brooklyn Federal Court on Thursday, according to the Daily News.

“Did you look like a woman?” the defense lawyer asked on cross-examination.

“Yes,” Mr. Wallace replied. The dealer is 6-foot-2 and weighs more than 200 pounds.

The victim of Mr. Wallace’s alleged murder was his previous partner in crime, Jabari Foster. Mr. Foster met his death because he disobeyed Mr. Wallace’s order not to distribute in one specific building.

Mr. Wallace faces a 30-year sentence for racketeering, murder and drug trafficking.

The dealer blames his cross-dressed murder on Brooklyn rapper and alleged Bloods gang leader, Ronald “Da Riggs” Heron, who he says gave him the idea to dress as a woman. Mr. Wallace previously worked with Da Riggs in his cocaine operation and plans to testify against him in court in hopes to lighten his sentence.

These girls don’t play nice.

Lady Killer: Drug Dealer Murders Rival While Wearing a Dress