‘Mad Men: The Musical’ Much More Pleasant Than Real Thing (Video)

As much as we all love watching Mad Men, it’s kind of a miserable show. Think about it: what was the last program you remember where healthy rich people in white collar jobs, not dealing with the fallout of a zombie apocalypse, spent so much time contemplating the futility of life? So much so the happiest person this season was a corpse? (Maybe Six Feet Under, but that was a much different program.)

So there’s no shame in bringing a little bit of levity to the dour direness of Don Draper & co., especially when it’s done by Nadia Osman and Ben Siemon, who recently brought Mad Men: The Musical to life at UCBLA. At 38 minutes, it’ll feel 1/10th as long as sitting through an hour of Peggy and Joan walking in and out of rooms, huffily.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhi5SBRxEWE&w=560&h=315%5D

Really, ten points for quoting the best part of Mad Men ever, when Peggy was like “Blah blah you stole my idea and didn’t give me any credit, I want my own Clio!” and Don is all “That’s what the money was for.”

Because seriously Peggy. It’s called doing your job. Man, that lady sure is mouthy!


‘Mad Men: The Musical’ Much More Pleasant Than Real Thing (Video)