#MemorialDay: Today's Worst Social Media Marketing Fails

An ongoing list of terribleness.

Let's all try to remember what Memorial Day is really about. (Wikimedia Commons)
Let’s all try to remember what Memorial Day is really about. (Wikimedia Commons)

Memorial Day is a time to give thanks to the brave Americans who serve our country, and honor those who’ve fallen in the line of duty. But sadly, the national holiday has also become a vehicle for companies to promote their brands on social media. Ugh.

Disturbingly, we’ve seen it plenty of times before — most recently on MLK day, when companies callously advertised themselves using #MLK on Twitter. Sure, using hashtags like #MLK, #VeteransDay or #MemorialDay hugely increases the viewership of a tweet, but we still don’t get why companies think it’s okay to capitalize on what should be a solemn day of national remembrance.

We’re not saying companies can’t acknowledge Memorial Day at all; after all, it’s always nice to thank American troops and veterans for their service. Here’s an example of a nice way a brand could use the #MemorialDay hashtag:

But at the same time, there are other companies who think it’s okay to openly use American troops’ sacrifices as a way to market their brand or sell their product, and the results are seriously cringe-worthy. Here are some of today’s worst offenders.

We’ll be updating this list all day, so send the best/worst tweets and Facebook posts you find to jtaylor@observer.com.

Remember beer instead of fallen troops. Nice.

We’re hoping this gaffe was unintentional, but tweeting “Going home is not an option :)” is a really bad idea for a Memorial Day-themed ad.

Sorry, are we equating the tragic death of American troops to the death of baby pigs?

The clever pun doesn’t make this okay. (h/t Andrew Kaczynski)

Because our nation’s heroes really care that you’re able to eat cinnamon buns. (h/t Caroline Moss)

Gross. (h/t Caroline Moss)

It’s cool how people risked their lives for our freedom but MARGARITAS YOU GUYS.


#MemorialDay: Today's Worst Social Media Marketing Fails