Morning Media Mix: Jayson Blair Revisited

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Jayson Blair. (Photo via Getty Images)
Jayson Blair. (Photo via Getty Images)

Manuel Roig-Franzia looks back at the crucial part he played in exposing Jayson Blair’s serial fabulism at the New York Times ahead of a new documentary called A Fragile Trust. (Washington Post)

In book review news, Will Leitch calls Mariano Rivera’s new autobiography, The Closer, “one of the dullest books I have ever read.” (Wall Street Journal)

New York Timestandards editor Phil Corbett chides reporters for repeatedly using the term “watering hole,” which he calls a “dated colloquialism.” (New York Times)

Audrey Gelman has been named a contributing editor at Marie Claire. (Capital New York)

Former NBC News president Steve Capus has become the executive producer of CBS Evening News. (New York Times)

59.7 percent of 1,080 recently surveyed journalists believe journalism is going in the “wrong direction,” according to a poll conducted by the Indiana University School of Journalism. (Huffington Post) Morning Media Mix: Jayson Blair Revisited