Morning Media Mix: Twice as ‘Cray-Z’

Morning Media Mix: Twice as 'Cray-Z'

Cray-Z Daily NewsCray-Z New York Post

Both The Daily News and the New York Post went with ‘Cray-Z’ today. So, if anyone was betting on that one, you can collect twice.

Jeff Berkovici explains why journalists make of fun of explanatory journalism sites like Vox. (Forbes)

The Cut, which first told us about Normcore, made a list of all the responses to Normcore. It’s the trend that keeps on trending. (The Cut)

The Washington Post has hired 50 new staffers in 2014 and even the editors seem shocked. Funny what some Jeff Bezos money can do. (The Huffington Post)

BuzzFeed president Jon Steinberg is stepping down to pursue “new challenges in the web and media space.” (Business Insider) Morning Media Mix: Twice as ‘Cray-Z’