New Orleans' Prospect 3 Biennial Releases Artist List

'Mithra' (2008) by Mark Bradford, at Prospect 1. (Photo by .bill/Flickr)

‘Mithra’ (2008) by Mark Bradford, at Prospect 1. (Photo by .bill/Flickr)

New Orleans’ ambitious and scrappy Prospect biennial, which has been hit hard by funding issues and delays since its first edition in 2008, announced that it is on tap to stage Prospect 3, titled “Notes for Now,” in October, and released its artist list, with 58 participants. It’s a tantalizing roster, including established greats, like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ed Clark, Alma Thomas and Paul Gauguin (yes, that Paul Gauguin!), alongside younger figures such as Analia Saban, Camille Henrot and Lucien Smith (yes, that Lucien Smith).

This year’s Prospect is being curated by Franklin Sirmans, the department head and curator of contemporary art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and will run from Oct. 25 of this year through Jan. 25, 2015. Prospect was dreamed up by curator Dan Cameron in 2006. Prospect 1 opened in 2008, and Prospect 2 followed in 2011. The full list of artists follows below.

Zarouhie Abdalian (b. 1982) USA (New Orleans)
Terry Adkins (1953 – 2014) USA
Manal Al Dowayan (b. 1973) SAUDI ARABIA
Tarsila do Amaral (1886-1973) BRAZIL
Firelei Báez (b. 1981) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Shigeru Ban (b. 1957) JAPAN
Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) USA
Zarina Bhimji (b. 1963) UGANDA
McArthur Binion (b. 1946) USA
Douglas Bourgeois (b. 1951) USA (New Orleans)
Mohamed Bourouissa (b. 1978) ALGERIA
Frederick J. Brown (1945-2012) USA
Huguette Caland (b. 1931) LEBANON
Keith Calhoun (b. 1957) USA (New Orleans)
Mary Ellen Carroll (b. 1961) USA
Ed Clark (b. 1926) USA (New Orleans)
Thomas Joshua Cooper (b. 1946) USA
William Cordova (b. 1971) PERU
Liu Ding (b. 1976) CHINA
Monir Farmanfarmaian (b. 1923) IRAN
Andrea Fraser (b.1965) USA
Charles Gaines (b. 1944) USA
Theaster Gates (b. 1973) USA
Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) FRANCE
Jeffrey Gibson (b. 1972) USA
Piero Golia (b. 1974) ITALY
Camille Henrot (b. 1978) FRANCE
Lonnie Holley (b. 1950) USA
Pieter Hugo (b. 1976) SOUTH AFRICA
Yun-Fei Ji (b. 1963) CHINA
Remy Jungerman (b. 1959) SURINAME
Glenn Kaino (b. 1972) USA
Lucia Koch (b. 1966) BRAZIL
Hew Locke (b. 1959) UNITED KINGDOM
Los Jaichackers
Julio Cesar Morales (b. 1966) MEXICO
— and Eamon Ore- Girón (b. 1973) USA
Sophie T. Lvoff (b. 1986) USA (New Orleans)
Antonio Vega Macotela (b. 1980) MEXICO
Kerry James Marshall (b. 1955) USA
Chandra McCormick (b. 1957) USA (New Orleans)
Tameka Norris (b. 1979) GUAM/USA (New Orleans)
— with Garrett Bradley (b. 1986) USA (New Orleans)
Akosua Adoma Owusu (b. 1984) USA
Ebony G. Patterson (b. 1981) JAMAICA
Hayal Pozanti (b. 1983) TURKEY
The Propeller Group
Phunam (b. 1974) VIETNAM
Matt Lucero (b. 1976) USA
Tuan Andrew Nguyen (b. 1976) VIETNAM
— with Christopher Myers (b. 1974) USA
Pushpamala N. (b. 1956) INDIA
Joe Ray (b. 1944) USA
Will Ryman (b. 1969) USA
Analia Saban (b. 1980) ARGENTINA
Lisa Sigal (b. 1962) USA
Gary Simmons (b. 1960) USA
Herbert Singleton (1945-2007) USA (New Orleans)
Lucien Smith (b. 1989) USA
Tavares Strachan (b. 1979) BAHAMAS
Agus Suwage (b. 1959) INDONESIA
Alma Thomas (1891-1978) USA
Antonio Vega Macotela (b. 1980) MEXICO
Carrie Mae Weems (b. 1953) USA
Entang Wiharso (b. 1967) INDONESIA
David Zink Yi (b. 1973) PERU New Orleans' Prospect 3 Biennial Releases Artist List