New Yorkers Have Nothing Better to Do Than Complain About Graffiti

Only Brooklyn hipsters don't mind the spray paint

5PTZ Panoaa
But don’t touch 5 Pointz, please. (Flickr)

The writing’s on the wall.

Vandalism complaints in NYC rose by five percent this year, according to the New York Post. The NYPD revealed that 200 more graffiti complaints were filed this year than last year, raising the total from 3,956 to 4,167. (Gun violence is also on the rise, but apparently that’s besides the point.)

This is while in November, thousands of protestors said the destruction of 5 Pointz — Queens’ famed graffiti site — was a grave injustice. They responded with rallies, a fan appreciation day, and an indignant petition to “show the city that art has value and money is not greater than culture.”

Complaints increased by almost 14 percent in downtown Manhattan — the same area that welcomed the work of international graffiti sensation Banksy earlier this year.

In response to the increase in tattletales, the NYPD will be fighting paint with paint. NYPD Spokesman Stephen Davis said the department’s strategy is to cover up the artwork as quickly as possible so that artists don’t get the attention.

“If we can reduce it to minutes of exposure, not days, that’s a deterrent,” Mr. Davis told the Post. “In places where it’s a recurring problem, we can employ cameras.”

The only borough where complaints didn’t rise was Brooklyn. Maybe they have actual broken windows? New Yorkers Have Nothing Better to Do Than Complain About Graffiti