NYC UberX Drivers Make $90,000 Annually, Confirming That Your Job Sucks

Basically, they're making bank in the Big Apple

They'll help you make the big bucks (Photo: File)
They’ll help you make the big bucks (Photo: File)

Still reaching for that six-figure salary? Being employed as an UberX driver will get you close.

UberX drivers in NYC are racking up $90,766 per year — nearly three times as much as yellow cab drivers, who make around $30,000 annually, The Washington Post reports.

The economic opportunities of the rideshare startup have proven very attractive to those looking for a career switch and a whole lot of cash.

“New people are flocking to Uber (UBER) in part due to the money that they can make and due to the flexibility you have, basically being able to decide when you want and where you want to work,” Rachel Holt, Uber’s regional general manager for the east, told the Post.

The undeniable success is partly due to Uber’s advantages in the digital age. The smartphone-friendly app easily connects riders in 60 U.S. cities, takes 20 percent off the fare and claims it can deliver a ride to 43 percent of Americans in only five minutes.

Uber also has an advantage over NYC’s signature yellow taxis, which are expensive to send into the streets.

Strict limits on the number of medallions permitted to operate at a time means obtaining one could cost you a hefty amount.  In February, the latest batch of medallion numbers were auctioned off for as much as $965,500, according to Fast Company.

The right to drive for Uber, on the other hand, will hardly cost you anything at all.  If you have a driver’s license, registration, insurance, and can pass a background check and 30-minute online training session, you’re in.

The Uber system is so appealing that even cabbies are getting in on it.

The San Francisco Cab Drivers Association reported that one-third of their drivers left to pursue Uber and other services such as Lyft and Sidecar over the course of one year, the Post reported.

With annual earnings around $74,191, Uber drivers in the Bay City aren’t doing half bad either.

So quit your job to drive around drunken New Yorkers. It’s all that’s standing between you and all that stuff you want to buy.

NYC UberX Drivers Make $90,000 Annually, Confirming That Your Job Sucks