Oliver and Evan Haslegraves

The Vintage Modernists

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Some cite a 2005 zoning change for Greenpoint’s transition from Polish national homes and dollar stores to polished, beautifully designed bars and restaurants filled with bearded men and skinny versions of Lena Dunham. But it’s mostly the work of two brothers, the Haslegraves. The brothers, Oliver, a former editor at Reagan Arthur Books, and the younger Evan, run hOmE studios, a design concern based out of their appropriately old-seeming loft. Together, they have designed nearly every classy joint in Greenpoint including Manhattan Inn, Torst, Alameda and Ramona. Their aesthetic — warm light, white tile, reclaimed wood, vintage (or vintage-seeming) fixtures — has become nearly pro forma in the borough.


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The Vintage Modernists
Evan and Oliver Haslegraves


Oliver and Evan Haslegraves