On-Demand Blowout App GlamSquad Partners With Surrey Hotel

GlamSquad's "bombshell" blowout. (Screengrab via glamsquad.com)
GlamSquad’s “bombshell” blowout. (Screengrab via glamsquad.com)

On-demand hairstyling app GlamSquad is so ingenious precisely because it doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar salon headquarters. Instead, it exists only in cyberspace, with stylists materializing at your apartment door out of nowhere to prettify your hair in the comfort of your own home, starting at $50 a ‘do.

Now, the beloved startup is partnering with The Surrey hotel’s Cornelia Spa — not to set up a physical shop, mind you, but to make ordering a blowout even easier for Surrey guests.

Cornelia Spa offers massages and signature facials. Now, they’ll also arrange GlamSquad services for people staying at the Surrey.

The Observer attended a kickoff party for the collaboration in the Surrey’s über-luxe presidential suite on Met Gala Monday. Our stylist was quite handy with a curling iron, and the textured waves she created were incredibly resilient. In fact, an enterprising lass might be able to stretch a GlamSquad blowout for up to three days, were she so inclined.

For those who aren’t lucky enough to be staying at the Surrey, GlamSquad is available in Manhattan and Brooklyn for anyone who has the app. Hair powder to extend your luscious blowout not included.

On-Demand Blowout App GlamSquad Partners With Surrey Hotel