On the Market: The End of Irish Pubs, the Ascendance of TD Banks

Soon this may all be cider and kale salad. (daspunkt/flickr.)
Soon this may all be cider and kale salad. (daspunkt/flickr.)

The United States is spending more on social welfare, but very little of that is going to the poor, Atlantic Cities reports. Since Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty, most specifically during the Clinton era, welfare aid has been redirected to the middle class.

In yet another negative social change, the city’s Irish pubs are being forced to either evolve or die, Crain’s reports, with an ever-more sophisticated clientele demand craft beers and kale salads rather than Guinness and tuna melts.

And… TD Bank’s explanation of why their branches have smothered street corners around our fair city, via Gothamist: because we want them to. Our desires are destroying us, in other words, not some nefarious plot.

Also depressing: the dissolution of the Moreland Commission essentially means that some of the goings-on that the state has basically admitted were shady by issuing subpoenas, i.e. the tax breaks for One57 and other luxury developments, may now probably go uninvestigated, according to The Real Deal. Unless, that is, the Manhattan DA wants to get involved.

Crain’s discovers what so many of us already knew: that the Lower East Side has a gallery scene. Next they’ll be discovering Bushwick… where there is a polyamorous rooming house starting up on Troutman Street, according to the Daily News. “Hacienda Villa” (house house?) as it will be called, will have a hot tub, wet bar and theoretically, at least, lots of sex. The real estate agent for the property is so psyched that he’s thinking about taking a room.

Raju Mann, whom you may know from the Municipal Art Society or CB5, will be the City Council’s new land use director, the New York Daily News reports, taking over for decades-long director Gail Benjamin when she steps down in July. On the Market: The End of Irish Pubs, the Ascendance of TD Banks