Parody CD 12 email takes shots at Barbara Buono

It appears someone is poking fun at a congressional hopeful’s campaign at the expense of former gubernatorial nominee Barbara Buono.

A parody email has been making rounds that features Watson Coleman’s masthead and lobs harsh criticism at Buono following her failed bid to unseat Gov. Chris Christie. The email – sent from, which isn’t the campaign’s address – jabs at Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman’s work on Buono’s campaign.

Watson Coleman has touted her work on Buono’s campaign as she battles against fellow Democrats to replace outgoing U.S. Rep. Rush Holt (D-12) in Congress.

Her campaign issued a scathing statement in response to the email.

“The email was a despicable attempt to discredit Democrats, and from the response we have gotten most people agree,” Watson Coleman spokesman Sean Darcy said. “We have actually heard from more people and raised more money from those who got this doctored hate-filled email than any we have sent in this campaign. Hundreds of people have sent in contributions saying this is the reason we need Bonnie Watson Coleman in Congress, because she is willing to stand up for middle class values and not be bullied by anyone.”

The email, which the subject line “Join Gov. Buono and Stand With Me … Oh, Wait …,” reads:

Friend — 

As you know, I had the distinct honor of serving as the chair of Barbara Buono’s gubernatorial campaign in 2013.  So many people told us we had no chance, that we were insane, that we should be examined by a clinical psychologist, to just give up and run away from the race to unseat Chris Christie.  Sadly, some were even in our own Party.  Even more sadly, many members of our own Party went down to defeat thanks to the truly atrocious campaign she ran…a campaign I was proud to be a part of. But anyway…I stood by Barbara’s side against Chris Christie because I believed in her and her progressive values for New Jersey. 

Now, Barbara, wholly unemployed and looking for something to do…anything really…is standing with me in my campaign to try and secure the Democratic nomination in the 12th Congressional District. She frequently tells me she wishes me as much good fortune as she had last year.

Barbara’s support is so humbling because I know she believes in the same shared values that we all hold dear as progressive Democrats, and because she believes that it is genuinely helpful in some way. I am proud to call Barbara my friend and am so honored to share this image she texted me. I hope you will share it as well.

With less than five days to go, please consider joining progressives across the district, state and country to support our campaign. Click here to make one last contribution here to help bring us to victory. Srsly, please. I really don’t know what I’ll do if I lose to Linda. Your support will go toward getting our TV commercial on the air more than twice and getting rain-proof boots on the ground in time for the thunderstorm slated to hit on Election Day, this June 3rd!

See you at Frank Pallone’s victory party,

Bonnie  Parody CD 12 email takes shots at Barbara Buono