Partygoers Seth Meyers and Nicky Hilton React to the Most Analyzed Elevator Ride Ever


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When it comes to late-night drama, Shindigger is no ingénue. We’ve hurled our share of invective, recrimination, slander and sharp objects, so when it comes to Jay Z and the Knowles sisters, we won’t judge too harshly and will leave the speculating to others, like Wendy Williams, who suggested last week that the spat stemmed from Jay Z getting too close to designer Rachel Roy, whom he knows well from his Rocawear days. “Rachel Roy and Solange were friends enough to attend the Met Gala in 2010,” said the talk show hostess. Ms. Williams also conjectured that the trouble also had to do with an entourage Solange tried to sneak in to this past Met Gala under her brother-in-law’s name.

Two weeks later, who knows? We turned to a hodgepodge of notables for their educated thoughts.

“It was an impressive kick,” Seth Meyers said laughing as he and wife Alexi Ashe Meyers arrived at the Starlight Roof in the Waldorf Astoria for the annual Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Spring Ball sponsored by GRAFF. “You don’t really see a lot of that in an elevator.”

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Square footage of the Starlight Roof at the Waldorf Astoria,
New York’s largest ballroom

Has he ever experienced a similar moment with his own sister-in-law? Shindigger queried.

“We take separate elevators,” Mr. Meyers said drily.

“I’ve definitely experienced the fight with the sister’s significant other, but not in an elevator,” giggled Nicky Hilton, who sauntered up to Shindigger garbed in a lacey, scarlet Valentino mini-dress. Ms. Hilton then seemed momentarily dazed, taking in the Austrian crystal chandeliers and 19th-floor views of Park Avenue from the Starlight Roof. “This was my childhood home,” she meowed. “I just ran into everyone I’ve known since I was a little girl.”

Later that week, at the opening bash for the wacky new play Under My Skin, Shindigger talked about elevator-related drama with Kerry Butler, one of the play’s stars.

“In the show, we have an elevator fall, and I had to imagine what that feels like,” Ms. Butler said in the crowded KTCHN restaurant. “Not fun.” She explained how the fall results in her character swapping bodies with her male billionaire boss and what that taught her.

“I had to learn how to have sex like a man,” the Tony-nominee revealed. “I learned that once men get an erection, they really can’t focus on anything else.”

That same evening, Ray-Ban hosted District 1937, a concert featuring performances by Blondie and MS MR, a duo that has been making waves since playing the main stage at Coachella. The event was rowdy and chaotic, with interactive art installations and, of course, copious booze.

“It’s a dream,” Lizzy Plapinger, the vocalist for MS MR, said of playing with Blondie. Her bandmate Max Hershenow called it “a great match musically,” with fabulous timing, since Debbie Harry and Co. are about to release a new album and set out on tour, celebrating their 40th anniversary.

“Now, didn’t one of you start out at the Standard?” Shindigger asked.

“I worked at the Standard for two whole months,” Mr. Hershenow replied sheepishly.

“That’s very fraught territory,” warned Ms. Plapinger. “But we’ve been just as obsessed with the situation as everyone else.”

“I’m on six group chats about it right now,” Mr. Hershenow confessed. “I have no idea how that video got out, but the [hotel] staff is a fun group of people!”

Partygoers Seth Meyers and Nicky Hilton React to the Most Analyzed Elevator Ride Ever