Recchia Releases First Online Ad in Race Against Grimm [Update]

Former Councilman Domenic Recchia at his campaign launch. (Photo: Vanessa Ogle)

Former Councilman Domenic Recchia at his campaign launch. (Photo: Vanessa Ogle)

Domenic Recchia Jr., who is hoping to oust embattled Republican Congressman Michael Grimm, will release his first web ad later this morning.

Using dramatic ‘West Wing’-style music and excerpts from his announcement speech in front of his mother’s home in Staten Island, the video aims to introduce the former city councilman to voters in the district, which spans Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn.

“Its not politics, it’s personal,” the candidate repeats in the nearly two-and-a-half minute effort, as old photos of his family and black-and-white images from his time on the council appear on screen.

The video makes no direct mention of the scandals facing Mr. Grimm, including a slew of charges relating to his operation of an Upper East Side health food restaurant, continuing investigations into his campaign finances, and an infamous incident in which he threatened to throw a NY1 reported off a balcony. (Mr. Grimm’s indictment came after the video was shot in early March.)

Indeed, Mr. Recchia mentions his opponent only once by name, in the context of a government shutdown and its impact on a Head Start program, which Mr. Recchia claims he was able to save. But the thinly veiled shots continue as the Democrat slams Mr. Grimm’s party for delaying aide for Hurricane Sandy, which badly damaged the district.

“When Republicans delayed Sandy relief for almost three months–three months–that was very personal,” he says, adding: “We all know Staten Island often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Well sometimes, it doesn’t get the Congressman it deserves.”

“I won’t be going to Washington to carry water for my party, I’ll be carrying for the hopes and dreams of the people I’m there to represent: you,” he later adds. “And I’ll make you one more promise: I will continue to conduct myself honorably. Because my mom wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Mr. Recchia’s campaign spokesman, Sarah Weinstein, continued the attacks in a statement to the Observer.

“The people of Staten Island and Brooklyn deserve better than an indicted congressman,” she said. “Middle class families across this district deserve a representative who is focused on fighting for them, every minute of every day.”

“Domenic Recchia is the leader that this district needs—a trusted family man who has a proven record of delivering commonsense results for this community. Whether it’s saving 4,000 teachers from being laid off or restoring funding to keep the country’s first Head Start program open on Staten Island, or creating hundreds of local jobs, Domenic has a strong record to stand on. He’ll be a leader that New Yorkers can be proud to have representing them in Congress,” she added.

Update (1:06 p.m): The version of the video released this morning by the Recchia campaign failed to include the required “Paid for by” notice and has since been taken down by the campaign. An updated version, with the notice, appears below.

View the video here:


Recchia Releases First Online Ad in Race Against Grimm [Update]