Reddit Went Totally Gay for Oberyn Martell

He will be your champion

gay for oberyn
Gay for Oberyn? (HBO)

Apparently, there is more than one—O.K., a lot—of guys out there who found themselves turning from a Sand Snake into a Red Viper over Pedro Pascal’s portrayal of Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones.

As people are wont to do these days, they took their feelings to the Internet and behold, the subreddit r/gayforoberyn was born. And it is just fantastic.

“Has Oberyn Martell got you questioning your sexuality?” asks the subreddit’s description. “Is there something about him that is too irresistible to ignore, even though you may not normally feel that way about men? Confess your peculiar attraction and/or infatuation with the Martell prince in this subreddit.”

So far the thread—which has amassed an impressive 2,490 readers—ranges from the tame (Just an album of Oberyn) to the, uh, not tame (Do you think Oberyn is more of a giver or a taker?).

Oh, and there is this. And also this. Did we mention the thread devoted to naming his “dong”? (Our personal favorite is The Prince Down South.)

If you’re feeling uncomfortable (and we can’t imagine why), just know Mr. Pascal himself is all about it.

“That’s awesome,” he said when asked about r/gayforoberyn in an AMA. “I think that that’s the whole point of Oberyn Martell. So I think to have /r/gayforoberyn is definitely in line with what he’s about. And it would make him very happy and very busy, even busier than he would normally be.”

And now that this post is over, we’re happy to never look at this page again. It isn’t bookmarked on our laptop. Seriously. Really.

Seriously. Reddit Went Totally Gay for Oberyn Martell