Several iPhones Have Been Hacked, Locked and Held for Ransom

Damn you, Oleg Pliss

Just like that, Kind of (Photo: Let's Unlock iPhone)
Just like that, Kind of (Photo: Let’s Unlock iPhone)

It’s an Apple emergency.

Several Aussies woke up this morning to find their Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and laptops, locked by a hacker demanding money, Time reported.

The hacker allegedly used a weakness in the “Find My iPhone” feature to lock the devices of Apple users all across Australia. The number of those affected has not been made immediately available.

The devices displayed a message informing the victims that they were hacked by “Oleg Pliss,” that they would have to pay either $50 or $100 to a PayPal account to unlock their devices.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, PayPal found no account linked to the email address in the message. Any money paid will be refunded.

Victims who had passwords on their mobile devices were able to unlock them on their own and largely avoid the whole mess.

News of an Apple hacking isn’t exactly… well, news.

Just this past February, Apple released an update to combat a huge security flaw that would allow hackers to access devices through unsecured wireless connections, and intercept digital communication that was meant to be encrypted.

The Apple developer site was hacked last summer, and iTunes accounts were hacked and drained the year before.

It’s starting to sound like an Apple hackathon.





  Several iPhones Have Been Hacked, Locked and Held for Ransom