There Are No Words for ABC’s ‘Sing Your Face Off’ (video)

Just watch.

I like to think I’m okay with words. I write, occasionally. It isn’t often I come across something so, just, strange and uncomfortable, that I struggle to describe it.

But this first look at ABC’s reality show Sing Your Face Off, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, is just so…I don’t know what that is. All I can tell you is it contains former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, who has been transformed in to Adam Levine, singing “Moves Like Jagger.” All for the benefit of a raucous crowd, a panel of judges, and someone who may or may not be 1979 Elton John.


[protected-iframe id=”d537a9e0ae36c5888355dd018776426c-35584880-59143305″ info=”″ width=”486″ height=”450″]

This is it, guys. The darkest timeline of reality TV. I hope I’m not exaggerating here, but Sing Your Face Off will lead directly to a Hunger Games-style dystopian future. Every year tributes will choose which celebrity they’ll be transformed in to. Someone will pick Katy Perry. “I volunteer as Katy Perry!” their crying sister will shout.

And 1979 Elton John will just sit there and laugh. There Are No Words for ABC’s ‘Sing Your Face Off’ (video)