To Do Wednesday: Anthony Haden Guest’s War Stories

Steve Mumford, Baghdad ER, 2007, Watercolor on paper
Image: Steve Mumford, Baghdad ER, 2007 (©Steve Mumford, courtesy William Holman Gallery)

You’ve read his stories everywhere, you’ve seen his drawings in this paper, and you probably hung out with him last night. Now join Anthony Haden-Guest at the opening of War Stories, a new collection of art at the William Holman Gallery curated by the celebrated journalist. War Stories brings together a group of artists whose work focuses primarily on war and conflict, including Steve Mumford’s documentary watercolors from Iraq and Afghanistan, cast Taliban bullet holes by Piers Secunda, and video work of Desert Storm by Nin Brudermann.

Mr. Haden-Guest, who contributes a weekend art column to the Financial Times, writes that “war, terror and the accelerating hi-tech changes that enable them are not occurrences in some far-off place…This is the landscape the artists in War Stories inhabit.”

6-8 p.m., 65 Ludlow Street To Do Wednesday: Anthony Haden Guest’s War Stories