Torres votes in Paterson’s 2nd Ward

PATERSON – Fiercely fighting to get back into City Hall against a Democratic Party establishment arrayed against him, mayoral candidate Jose “Joey” Torres (mayor from 2002-2010) voted in his home 2nd Ward at 10 this morning. 

“I’m feeling good,” Torres told PolitickerNJ, a short time after leaving School No. 27. “I think the people are enthusiastic in the street; the people have been receiving me very well. As the good book tells us, ‘If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.'”

Headquarted downtown on Market Street, a block from City Hall, Torres’ campaign continues to project visual citywide strength. 

Trying to position himself as the people power candidate in the race, Torres says it’s real.

“The enthusiasm of John Q. public is overwheliming,” he said. “Since we opened on campaign headquarters in November, there was not a day that it was empty, but the real poll will be tonight.”  Torres votes in Paterson’s 2nd Ward