tvRoundup: ‘Community,’ Danny McBride and ‘Reading Rainbow’

Hulu is in talks with the big wigs behind the recently cancelled Community to bring a sixth season to life on the streaming network. That’s cool. Cool cool cool.

– Nerd hero Wil Wheaton is totally cool with you pirating his new show, The Wil Wheaton project. As long as you enjoy it. Enjoy it and also give him sweet, sweet ratings at the same time.

– Eastbound & Down’s Danny McBride is returning to HBO to star in Vice Principals. Don’t quote me on this, but I think he will play a foul-mouthed scumbag. I feel like he’s done that before.

– LeVar Burton began a Kickstarter campaign yesterday to bring back Reading Rainbow, and it exploded. Not literally, but they did raise more than $1 million with 34 days still left in the campaign. To celebrate, thousands of people got super high and watched this on repeat.

– Have you ever complained that Hannibal just isn’t silly enough? Here is an eight minute long gag reel from the show. You will laugh at Laurence Fishburne laughing.





tvRoundup: ‘Community,’ Danny McBride and ‘Reading Rainbow’