tvRoundup: Ed Helms, Binge-Watching and ‘Mad Men’

– Ed Helms delivered a 28-minute commencement speech on Saturday at his Alma Mater Cornell. Mr. Helms riffed on his studies, his career and a soul-crushing revelation that he is not, we repeat not, actually Andy from The Office in real life.

– Sony CEO Kaz Hirai revealed that he is just like us lowly plebeians and he binge-watches his own TV shows. “We had a hand in House of Cards, so about a month back I spent two weekends just literally binge-watching the 13 episodes,” Mr. Hirai said at a roundtable at Sony’s Japan headquarters. It’s like we’re the same person.

– Former House star Lisa Edelstein married  discount Jared Leto.

– Apparently TV Networks are really, really popular online, and several of the top  networks are ramping up their internet divisions. This Internet thing, it’s going to be big.

– Mad Men ended it’s season 7 mid-season finale with a musical number, and Twitter lost it’s shit.

— Season 6 of American Ninja Warrior (which we learned is in fact a thing) premieres tonight. In other news, whatever you had planned this evening no longer matters.


tvRoundup: Ed Helms, Binge-Watching and ‘Mad Men’