What TV Shows Should Edward Snowden Be Watching?

Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.: Despite being the heroes of the show, the NSA has S.H.E.I.L.D. on their watch list.
The Following: Despite nearly unlimited resources and cooperation from other bureaus, FBI's Ryan Hardy can't seem to capture America's most well-known fugitive. He's constantly forced to go rogue because the highest levels of government intelligence have been compromised by sleeper cell cult members. Also incompetence. Agencies often thwarted by "scrambled" cell calls, or someone wearing a $2 Edgar Allen Poe mask.
24: Lionized the NSA as a counter-terrorism force, until director Roger Stanton is found to be a traitor and is interrogated by the president himself. Because on 24, everyone must roll up their sleeves and get dirty! Plus, the show has a real soft spot for hackers.
Persons of Interest: Genius billionaire builds super-computer to provide the government with unlimited surveillance after 9/11, then goes rogue with a CIA agent and uses system for good, not evil. Also one of the most popular shows in America, surprisingly.
Homeland: A soldier turns against his country's authority after realizing the military branch of the government is carrying out military strikes on schools, hospitals and children. CIA depicted as slightly sympathetic. Vice president portrayed as war-mongering asshole. President: MIA. Sure, Brody doesn't end in such a hot spot, but at least he's the good guy. Sometimes. It's complicated.
Scandal: Reveals how easy it is to lie to the American public about nearly everything as long as Kerry Washington is doing your PR. Also B613 is like NSA and CIA on torture steroids, and is even more dangerous because it operates completely independently from all other parts of government and does not have to answer to the president.
House of Cards: Season three is currently casting for the director of the NSA. 'Nough said.
Game of Thrones: The calm, calculated Varys claims to be working for the good of the realm, but still trades in secrets and whispers and birds. How much sympathy can you have for the guy after he sold Tyrion down the river like that?

During his Nightly News interview with Brian Williams, Edward Snowden made an alarming and damning admission. “I’m watching a show right now about surveillance called The Wire,” he said, before alienating his David Simon-loving audience. “I’m really enjoying it… Second season’s not so great.”

And this man dares to call himself a patriot and/or not a traitor?? Though when you think about it, pop culture doesn’t seem to favor the National Security Agency–or any government bureau–too highly. Click through our slide show to look at some programs that might be more up Mr. Snowden’s alley.

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