Whole Paycheck Foods? Delivery Workers Sue Grocery Chain for ‘Stolen’ Tips

A former Whole Foods employee is suing the chain after claiming he was deprived of customer tips.

Rivera claims Whole Foods delivery fee cheats to-gos staff out of tips. (Spencer Platt/ Getty Images)

A new class action lawsuit claims the delivery fee Whole Foods charges shoppers doesn’t go to the person who brought them their groceries. It just goes right back to the store.

Former Whole Foods delivery man Alberto Rivera filed the suit in Manhattan Supreme Court on behalf of the organic food chain’s staff, according to the New York Post. He claims that management illegally holds onto workers tips, violating state labor laws.

With no designated spot on the receipt to add gratuity, shoppers assume the automatic $5 – $10 delivery fee is a tip that goes directly to the delivery person, Mr. Rivera claims in court papers.

Instead, it goes to the store and the delivery person sees none of it.

“More than once Whole Foods customers have told Rivera they thought the ‘delivery charge’ was his gratuity,” the suit states.

Mr. Rivera — and the 40 fellow Whole Foods delivery people involved in the class action — are asking for the hundreds of dollars they missed out on every week.

It sounds like Whole Foods isn’t so wholesome after all.

The store did not immediately return our request for comments.

Whole Paycheck Foods? Delivery Workers Sue Grocery Chain for ‘Stolen’ Tips