Wisniewski: We have a ‘government run by intimidation’

TRENTON – Declaring New Jersey has a “government run by intimidation,” Democrats leading the charge into investigating the Gov. Chris Christie administration say they learned two important details following Tuesday’s testimony of a former Christie staffer.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski, co-chairperson of the joint legislative committee, argued the most significant points of former staffer Christina Renna’s testimony were the fear factor and discrepancies in the administration’s internal review of the George Washington Bridge lane closings.

“Renna testified that she was worried about her job,” Wisniewski said during a news conference immediately following her testimony, referring to Renna’s references about not reporting certain information to superiors or other members of Christie’s staff out of fear of retaliation.

Renna, who worked under former top Christie aid Bridget Anne Kelly, gave nearly six hours of testimony to members of the joint legislative committee.

“[It’s] a very disturbing development because it really says that we have a government that is run by intimidation,” said Wisniewski, referring to the so-called trend as being “one of the most striking pieces of information” to come out of Renna’s testimony.

The lawmaker likened Renna’s statements of fear for her job to comments members of the Port Authority made to the committee months ago when they testified about closing lanes of the bridge.

Additionally, Wisniewski said he was concerned about what he characterized as “significant contradictions” in Renna’s recollection of her interview for the internal investigation – dubbed the Mastro report – and what was in the finished product.

Wisniewski: We have a ‘government run by intimidation’