A Letter of Application to the Online Tea Party University (Video)

Attention Admissions:

I am interested in applying to Conservative University because I too have noticed that feminists have all but ruined Women’s Studies. I found out about your program after watching Karen Agness’ video lecture and because I respond positively to repetitive, myopic observations presented as fact by an overly perky commentator, I was instantly on board with every single thing she said. It was such a relief to find someone who shares my suspicions about feminists and the perils of activism.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-Rt2gSb_nM]

Because I was never taught how to think critically in my Women’s Studies courses or any of the other math, science or history classes I was required to take in order to obtain a degree, I have no idea how to differentiate fact from fiction. This is one of the main reasons I am interested in Conservative University: I’m afraid that if I continued my studies at say, the University of Michigan, I will be brainwashed by my liberal-leaning professors. Their program geared toward “challenging power inequities” is just not something I am comfortable with and was happy to learn that Ms. Angess shared my concern. I completely agree that there is no place for activism in Women’s Studies.

Sadly, my previous professors were unable to see that nothing good comes from pushing boundaries or challenging convention. Women would have been given the right to vote eventually without all of the drama of the suffragettes. And one day, probably soon, there will be equal pay in the workplace. There is no need to encourage young, bright women to push for something that is likely going to happen all by itself.

Thank you for making this eye-opening video and please send the necessary application forms at your earliest convenience as I am very eager to get away from all of these agenda-pushing feminists trying bring about change.


Nicole Vranjican
A Letter of Application to the Online Tea Party University (Video)