Battleground Bayonne: Mayor Smith: “I think we win”

BAYONNE – Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith went to the polls on Tuesday with a smile on his face, a happy warrior on the day of his deadly serious runoff battle against rival runoff candidate Jimmy Davis.

“I am very confident. I had a great vibe from our campaign workers at five o’clock this morning, and I had a great vibe on the street as well,” said Smith, 51, moments after he voted at the Bayonne Public Library with his wife Patty by his side. 

Smith, who has been mayor since 2008, told what he believes it will take for him to win another four-year term today.

“We have to get out our voters, our strong Smith supporters,” said Smith, the former Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) chairman. “We need to get out our identified voters who didn’t come out in the last [May 13] municipal election. These were strong voters for us who stayed home for whatever reason. Get these voters to the polls – that’s where our mission lies. 

“Our ground game is second to none,” added Smith. “When we turned out our troops into the street this morning, I was very happy with what I saw. Our people are made up of a combination of anything and everything – a lot of labor, a lot of volunteers. It was a great synergy this morning, and it bolstered me to see it, it was a nice jolt. I think our ground game is what’s going to carry the day today. I think we win.” 

Battleground Bayonne: Mayor Smith: “I think we win”